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Jennifer Gerwing
Jennifer Gerwing
Tittel: PhD Psykologi
Stilling: Forsker
Telefonnummer: 23023498
E-post: jennifer.gerwing@nakmi.no
Prosjekter: Kommunikasjon med fremmedspråklige innringere i medisinske nødsamtaler

Faglige interesser:
Kommunikasjon mellom minoritetspasienter og helsepersonell, omdannelse av forskningsresultater til praksis.

Personlig presentasjon:

Gerwing divides her time between her home (in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada) and Oslo. In Victoria, she collaborates with a research group (headed by Dr. Janet Bavelas), focusing on basic processes of face-to-face dialogue as well as communication in both psychotherapeutic and health care interactions. Her primary research method is microanalysis of face-to-face and telephone dialogues, with a focus on how people respond to each other and demonstrate mutual understanding. Her experimental research work has focused on the use of gestures and facial displays in conversation. Her PhD dissertation was an analysis of home videos that investigated infant social responsiveness to parents; specifically, Gerwing designed a method for revealing that an infant later diagnosed with autism was significantly less socially responsive than his same age, typically-developing siblings.

Faglig presentasjon:

Gerwing is particularly interested in using microanalysis as a tool for revealing the details of conversational interaction in order to bring a new awareness to everyday practice interactions. Her current interests include how people overcome communication challenges, such as language barriers, when they need to come to a common understanding. Health care professionals and minority patients face these challenges every day. At NAKMI, Gerwing is leading a project to address communication challenges in emergency telephone calls between Norwegian emergency medical line operators and callers who do not have Norwegian as their mother tongue.

 Gerwing is also currently focused on methods for bridging the gap between communication theory/ research and communication practice in institutional settings. An essential component for bridging this gap is to work closely with health care professionals to observe the day-to-day realities of their particular health care setting, their roles, and the details of their current communication practice. In addition, an understanding of the migration process and the experiences of minority patients contribute to a more comprehensive awareness of communication challenges. Within the context of this information, knowledge from the multi-disciplinary field of communication can be transformed into useful advice and concrete recommendations to improve communication between health care professionals and minority patients.    

Utvalgte publikasjoner:

Bavelas, J.B., & Gerwing. (in press) The listener as addressee in face-to-face dialogue. International Journal of Listening.

Gerwing, J. & Bavelas, J. B. (in press) The social interactive nature of gestures: Theory, assumptions, methods, and findings. Handbook article for C. Müller, E. Fricke, A Cienki, & D. McNeill (Eds.), Body- Language- Communication. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.

Gerwing, J., & Indseth, T. (2010). Communication with non-native callers in medical emergency calls: Recommendations for AMK operators and leadership. Report prepared for Oslo University Hospital, Norwegian Centre for Minority Health Research.

Bavelas, J. B., Gerwing, J., Sutton, C., & Prevost, D.  (2008). Gesturing on the telephone:  Independent effects of dialogue and visibility. Journal of Memory and Language, 58, 495-520. 

Bavelas, J. B., & Gerwing, J. (2007) Conversational hand gestures and facial displays in face-to-face dialogue. In K. Fiedler (Ed.), Social communication (pages 283-308).  New York: Psychology Press (Frontiers of Social Psychology Series).

Gerwing, J., & Bavelas, J. B. (2004). Linguistic influences on gesture’s form. Gesture, 4, 157-195.


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NAKMIs annual report 2014: Executive summary
The Norwegian Centre for Minority Health Research (NAKMI), established in 2003, by the Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services, is managed by the Norwegian Directorate of Health and located at the Oslo University Hospital. NAKMI aims to promote and contribute to attaining equity in health care for immigrants and their descendants in Norway.

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