Friday Presentations (June 24, 2016)

The following is a copy of the oral sessions programme. Unless the entry is linked, the Powerpoint file is not available for publication.

Explanation of Codes:
TM: Thursday morning TA: Thursday afternoon FM: Friday morning
FA: Friday Afternoon SM: Saturday morning

FM 1: Friday Morning 11:00-12:30
Policy for migrants and minorities
Chair: Martin Mackee (UK)


FM 1.1 Title: Health and access to care for migrants facing multiple vulnerabilities in Europe.
Presenting Author: Simonnot, Nathalie (France)

FM 1.2 Title: Public Health England response to the expansion of the Vulnerable Persons Relocation Scheme for Syrian nationals. Presenting Author: Smith, Gemma (United Kingdom)

FM 1.3 Title: The "migrant kit": a new guide for migrant-friendly care in a Swiss paediatric hospital. Presenting Author: Ratnam, Sharon (Switzerland)

FM 1.4 Title: Access to Preventive Health Care for Undocumented Migrants: A Comparative Study of Germany, the Netherlands and Spain from a Human Rights Law Perspective.
Presenting Author: Dalli, Maria (Spain)

FM 1.5 Title: Disparities in Sexual Health Services Use and Uptake of HIV testing among Sub-Saharan African migrants in Portugal. Presenting author: Dias, Sónia (Portugal) Presentation moved from FA 4.7. Update online only

FM 1.6 Title: What the eye does not see: A critical interpretive synthesis of European Union policies addressing sexual violence in vulnerable migrants.
Presenting Author: Keygnaert, Ines (Belgium)



FM 2: Friday Morning 11:00-12:30
Non-communicable diseases, Cancer
Chair: Elisabete Weiderpass (Norway)


FM 2.1 Title: How do asylum seeking and refugee women perceive and respond to preventive health care? Cervical Screening as a case study. Presenting Author: Matthews, Anna (United Kingdom)

FM 2.2 Title: Ethnic inequalities in colon cancer care in the Netherlands: a nationwide registry-based study. Presenting Author: Essink-Bot, Marie-Louise (Netherlands) Presentation cancelled

FM 2.3 Title: Differences in cervical cancer screening between immigrants and non- immigrants in Norway – A primary health care register-based study. Presenting Author: Møen, Kathy Ainul (Norway)

FM 2.4 Title: Cervical cancer screening non-adherence among immigrants in Norway.
Presenting Author: Leinonen, Maarit (Norway)

FM 2.5 Title: Ethnic differences in the incidence of cancer in Norway.
Presenting Author: Hjerkind, Kirsti Vik (Norway)

FM 2.6 Title: Ethnic variations in participation in bowel cancer screening in Scotland.
Presenting Author: Cezard, Genevieve (United Kingdom)

FM 2.7 EMPTY SLOT Presentation cancelled – update online only



FM 3: Friday Morning 11:00-12:30
Maternal Health
Chair: Marie L. Vasquez (Spain)


FM 3.1 Title: Are women with a foreign background more likely to have an induced abortion as compared to nonimmigrant women? A study conducted in Stockholm, Sweden.
Presenting Author: Larsson, Elin C. (Sweden)

FM 3.2 Title: Smoking trajectories during the perinatal period among migrant and native women: results from the nationally representative French study.
Presenting Author:  El-Khoury, Fabienne (France)

FM 3.3 Title: Health behaviors during pregnancy among migrant women living in France: results from the nationally representative French study. Presenting Author:  El-Khoury, Fabienne (France)

FM 3.4 Title: A retrospective analysis of preterm births in an ethnically diverse maternal population and its linkages to area level deprivation and migrant status.
Presenting Author: Puthussery, Shuby (United Kingdom)

FM 3.5 Title: Perinatal health and migration in Berlin - modes of delivery of immigrants reflected in a transnational context. Presenting Author: Borde, Theda (Germany)

FM 3.6 Title: Attitudes towards epidural analgesia of women of Turkish origin and German women. Presenting Author: Petruschke, Inga (Germany)



FM 4: Friday Morning 11:00-12:30
Research methods
Chair: Raj Bhopal (UK)


FM 4.1 Title: The life expectancy of different ethnic groups using death records linked to population census data in Scotland. Presenting Author: Gruer, Laurence (United Kingdom)

FM 4.2 Title: Heterogeneity in ethnicity classifications: a global perspective.
Presenting Author: Williams, Nazmy Villarroel (United Kingdom)

FM 4.3 Title: How we define immigrant status matters. Impact of nationality, area of birth, and length of stay in the host country on mortality rate estimates.
Presenting Author: Gimeno-Feliu, Luis Andrés (Spain)

FM 4.4 Title: Exclusion of migrants from clinical trials in Australia.
Presenting Author: Stanaway, Fiona (Australia)

FM 4.5 Title: Parental smoking and adult offspring smoking in migrant populations: an intergenerational analysis. Presenting Author: Ikram, Umar (Netherlands)

FM 4.6 Title: Length of residence and immigrants’ hospitalization rates in Norway.
Presenting Author: Elstad, Jon Ivar (Norway)



FA 1: Friday Afternoon 15:45-17:15
Enabling patient education
Chair: Laurence Gruer (UK)


FA 1.1 Title: Patient education for non-Western immigrants with diabetes in Norway.
Presenting Author: Tran, Anh Thi (Norway)

  FA 1.2 Title: Cultural Sensitive Nutrition Education Material Provided to Participants in the Introductory programme in    Oslo, Norway. Authors: Terragni* (Norway).

FA 1.3 Title: Bridging Cultural and Language Barriers with Personalized Tooth Treatment for Children. Presenting Author: Danner, Elisabeth (Austria)

FA 1.4 Title: Co creation: of an ethical educational tool for interpreters, migrants and practitioners. Presenting Author: Jackson, Ima (United Kingdom)

FA 1.5 Title: Co-production and testing of a community genetic literacy intervention among a minority ethnic community. Presenting author: Salway, Sarah (United Kingdom)

FA 1.6 Title: Enabling Canadian Immigrants Access Health Care Services: Development of a Health Education Program. Presenting Author: Ghahari, Setareh (Canada)



FA 2: Friday Afternoon 15:45-17:15
Vulnerable groups
Chair: Vincent Lorant (Belgium)


FA 2.1 Title: Legal protection of undocumented migrants with serious health issues.
Presenting Author: Boffi, Sascha Moore (Switzerland)

FA 2.2 Title: Challenges in the implementation of health insurance policy for undocumented migrants in Thailand. Presenting Author: Suphanchaimat, Rapeepong (Thailand)

FA 2.3: Title: The role of institutional setting for implementation of health promoting innovations targeting migrants, experiences from two public institutions in Denmark.
Presenting Author: Jervelund, Signe Smith (Denmark)

FA 2.4 Title: Demographics of Undocumented Status in a Study of Farmworker Health.
Presenting Author: Schenker, Marc (United States)

FA 2.5 Title: Health system responses to the influx of refugees in Europe.
Presenting Author: Rechel, Bernd (United Kingdom)

FA 2.6 Cancelled. Update online only
Presenting Author: Wenning, Brianne (United Kingdom)

FA 2.7 Title: Screening newly arrived asylum seekers for infectious pulmonary tuberculosis in Germany 2002-2013 – find and treat or find and lose? Presenting author: Kuehne, Anna (Germany)



FA 3: Friday Afternoon 15:45-17:15
Chair: Lars Lien (Norway)


FA 3.1 Title: Language and professional identity – A qualitative study of communication barriers in collaboration between international doctors and colleagues.
Presenting Author: Skjeggestad, Erik (Norway)

FA 3.2 Title: Migration and the Media: the effect on healthcare access for asylum seekers and refugees. Presenting Author: Matthews, Anna (United Kingdom)

FA 3.3 Title: “What does it mean: Do I have to fall dead first?” Analysing the impact of definition and communication pathways on access to healthcare for undocumented migrants in Belgium. Presenting Author: Keygnaert, Ines (Belgium)

FA 3.4 Title: Attitudes and use of Video Interpretation in a Danish Hospital – a Retrospective Study. Presenting Author: Nielsen, Dorthe (Denmark)

FA 3.5 Title: Perceived necessity and use of professional interpreters in daily care practice.
Presenting Author: Triemstra, Mattanja (Netherlands)

FA 3.6 Title: International medical graduates and colleagues’ experiences of handling difficulties in everyday collaboration - a qualitative study. Presenting Author: Skjeggestad, Erik (Norway)



FA 4: Friday Afternoon 15:45-17:15
Health service utilization
Chair: Esperanza Diaz (Norway)


FA 4.1 Title: Hospital utilization, socioeconomic position and residential characteristics: A comparison of multiple immigrant and non-immigrant groups in Norway.
Presenting Author: Finnvold, Jon Erik (Norway)

FA 4.2 Title: Medication non adherence among migrant and non-migrant populations of sub Saharan origin: the RODAM study. Presenting Author: Beune, Erik (Netherlands)

FA 4.3 Title: All-cause hospitalisations in Scotland: most ethnic minorities have lower rates than the majority population. Presenting Author: Millard, Andrew D. (United Kingdom)

FA 4.4 Title: Hospital based patient coordination for ethnic minority patients - a health technology assessment. Presenting Author: Sodemann, Morten (Denmark)

FA 4.5 Title: What do families of non Spanish origin expect from the Spanish Health System?
Presenting Author: Belintxon, Maider (Spain)

FA 4.6 Title: Avoidable Hospitalization among migrants or minority groups: a systematic review.
Presenting Author: Dalla Zuanna, Teresa (Italy)

FA 4.7 EMPTY SLOT Presentation moved. Update online only



FA 5: Friday Afternoon 15:45-17:15
Life cycle approach
Chair: Tahereh Moradi (Sweden)


FA 5.1 Title: The health and wellbeing of ageing migrants: a comparative analysis of Indian migrants to the UK. Presenting Author: Victor, Christina (United Kingdom)

FA 5.2 Title: Ethnic inequalities in adiuvant chemotherapy receipt in stage III colon cancer - an exploration of explanations. Presenting Author: Essink-Bot, Marie-Louise (Netherlands) (Presentation cancelled)

FA 5.3 Title: Elder Migrants’ Special Needs and Care Policy Making.
Presenting Author: Altintop, Nevin (Austria)

FA 5.4 Title: Health and lifestyle of elderly immigrants in the Netherlands.
Presenting Author:  El Fakiri, Fatima (Netherlands)

FA 5.5 Title: How to promote equity from public services? Provider's Cultural Competence as a solution. Presenting Author: García-Ramirez, Manuel (Spain)

FA 5.6 Title: Ethnic inequalities in rectal cancer care in a universal access healthcare system – a nationwide register-based study. Presenting Author: Essink-Bot, Marie-Louise (Netherlands) (Presentation cancelled)

FA 5.7 Title: The Policy Practice Gap in Roma Health: Results from a National Study.
Presenting Author: Trummer, Ursula (Austria)*

FA 5.8 Title: “Are migrants half persons?” Health care for undocumented migrants in Belgium: complexity within large discretionary space. Presenting Author: Dauvrin, Marie (Belgium)*



FA 6: Friday Afternoon 15:45-17:15
Children and adolescents
Chair: Sonia Dias (Portugal)


FA 6.1 Title: Dietary transition among black immigrant families in Ottawa, Canada.
Presenting Author: Blanchet, Rosanne (Canada)

FA 6.2 Title: Experiences of violence among Kurdish and Somali youth in capital city area in Finland. Presenting Author: Malin, Maili (Finland)

FA 6.3 Title: Immigrant mothers caring for children with special needs: Facing social exclusion or empowerment?. Presenting Author: Liden, Hilde (Norway)

FA 6.4 Title: Psychiatric morbidity and predictors hereof among unaccompanied refugee children – a register-based cohort study. Presenting Author: Nørredam, Marie (Denmark)

FA 6.5 Title: The effect of childhood trauma on adult CVD in a multi-ethnic population in Amsterdam: The HELIUS study. Presenting Author: Agyemang, Charles (Netherlands)

FA 6.6 Title: Framing of ethnicity in childhood obesity research: a systematic review of studies in five ethnically diverse countries (Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Canada and the United Kingdom).
Presenting Author: Ordonez-Betancourth, Jenny E. (United Kingdom)





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