Saturday Presentations (June 25, 2016)

The following is a copy of the oral sessions programme. Unless the entry is linked, the Powerpoint file is not available for publication.

Explanation of Codes:
TM: Thursday morning TA: Thursday afternoon FM: Friday morning
FA: Friday Afternoon SM: Saturday morning

SM 1: Saturday morning 09:00-10:30
Health prevention and promotion
Chair: Allan Krasnik (Norway)


SM 1.1 Title: Refugees and migrants from Sub Saharan African in Glasgow, Scotland: Experiences of keeping healthy and engaging with preventive health services.
Presenting Author: Isaacs, Anna (United Kingdom)

SM 1.2 Title: Needs assessment for a family-centered approach to prevent overweight among African-Surinamese and West-African children in Amsterdam.
Presenting Author: Hartman, Marieke (Netherlands)

SM 1.3 Title: Improving minority blood donation. Anthropological approach in a migrant community. Presenting Author: Grassineau, Dominique (France)

SM 1.4 Title: The Australian Model of the First 1000 Days: An Indigenous led process to turn an International initiative into an early life strategy benefiting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families. Presenting Author: Ritte, Rebecca (Australia)

SM 1.5 Title: Where culturally tailored care matters: Diabetes risk by length of residence among Somali women in Oslo area. Presenting Author: Gele, Abdi (Norway)

SM 1.6 Title: The Ethnic patient coordinator team – a structured education programme.
Presenting Author: Nielsen, Dorthe (Denmark)

SM 1.7 Title: Undocumented Health Care for Undocumented Migrants: A glimpse on regional practices. Presenting Author: Novak-Zezula, Sonja (Austria)



SM 2: Saturday morning 09:00-10:30
Maternal and reproductive health
Chair: Jeanette Magnus (Norway)


SM 2.1 Title: Are all immigrant mothers really at risk of low birth weight and perinatal mortality? The crucial role of socio-economic status. Presenting Author: Racapé, Judith (Belgium)

SM 2.2 Title: Integration of a comprehensive home visit program for first time mothers in a multiethnic Norwegian district Presenting author: Opsahl, Jorunn (Norway)

SM 2.3 Empty slot

SM 2.4 Title: Postpartum depression, prevalence and risk factors in a multiethnic population.
Presenting Author: Shakeel, Nilam (Norway)

SM 2.5 Title: Vitamin D deficiency and supplementation in pregnancy in a multiethnic population-based cohort. Presenting Author: Eggemoen, Åse Ruth (Norway)

SM 2.6 Title: Motives and expectations for requesting clitoral reconstructive surgery after female genital mutilation/cutting – the Swedish experience.
Presenting Author: Jordal, Malin (Sweden)

SM 2.7 Title: The role of maternal citizenship on pediatric avoidable hospitalization: a birth cohort study in North-East Italy. Presenting Author: Dalla Zuanna, Teresa (Italy).

SM 2.8 Title: How to reduce inequalities in accessibility and quality of maternal health care delivery for migrants in WHO European region: a systematic review.
Presenting Author: Keygnaert, Ines (Belgium)



SM 3: Saturday morning 09:00-10:40
Infectious diseases
Chair: Dawit Abebe (Norway)


SM 3.1 Title: Questioning vulnerability: The fight against HIV/AIDS, a space of agency for migrant women in France. Presenting Author:  Gerbier-Aublanc, Marjorie (France)

SM 3.2 Title: Is HIV acquisition in migrant populations taking place after migration to Europe? Comparison of two estimation methods in the aMASE study.
 Presenting Author: Alvarez-Del Arco, Debora (Spain)

SM 3.3 Title: Foreign born migrants in the EU/EEA are disproportionately affected by chronic hepatitis B and C. Presenting Author: Ahmad, Amena (Germany)

SM 3.4 Title: Trends in HIV diagnoses in migrants from Sub-Saharan Africa regions living in Europe. Presenting Author: Del Amo, Julia (Spain)

SM 3.5 Title: Difference in influenza vaccination coverage between at-risk adult immigrants and Italian citizens. Presenting Author: Fabiani, Massimo (Italy)

SM 3.6 Title: Hardships increase HIV infection risk among sub-Saharan migrants living in France. Results from the ANRS- PARCOURS study 2012-2013.
Presenting Author: Desgrees du Lou, Annabel (France)

SM 3.7 Title: Access to tuberculosis screening and optimizing follow-up for the most vulnerable: a trans-sectoral project in Geneva, Switzerland. Presenting Author: Wuillemin, Timothée (Switzerland)

SM 3.8 Title: Access to tuberculosis treatment: Barriers experienced by migrants and health system responsiveness. Presenting Author: Tschirhart, Naomi (Canada)


(Note: Due to many presentations this session is extended by 10 minutes, up to 10:40)


SM 4: Saturday morning 09:00-10:30
Non-communicable diseases, diabetes
Chair: Karien Stronks (Netherlands)


SM 4.1 Title: Relationship between short sleep duration and cardiovascular risk factors in a multi-ethnic cohort - the helius study. Presenting Author: Anujuo, Kenneth (Netherlands)

SM 4.2 Title: Ethnic minorities are at greater risk for type 2 diabetes and poorer glycaemic control in England and Wales. Presenting Author: Khanolkar, Amal (United Kingdom)

SM 4.3 EMPTY SLOT Presentation cancelled – update online only

SM 4.4 Title: Ethnic differences in gestational weight gain: a population-based cohort study in Norway. Presenting Author: Jenum, Anne Karen (Norway)

SM 4.5 Title: Consistent associations between an insulin-resistance-related dietary pattern and hyperglycemia in South Asian migrants residing in Asia and Europe.
Presenting Author: Nicolaou, Mary (Netherlands)

SM 4.6 Title: Comparison of obesity and type 2 diabetes among homogenous sub Saharan African Origin populations living in rural and urban Africa, and 3 European countries – The RODAM study. Presenting Author: Agyemang, Charles (Netherlands)

SM 4.7 Title: Insulin resistance and β-cell dysfunction among Ghanaians resident in different geographical regions – the RODAM study. Presenting Author: Meeks, Karlijn (Netherlands)

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