Thursday presentations (June 23, 2016)

The following is a copy of the oral sessions programme. Unless the entry is linked, the Powerpoint file is not available for publication.

Explanation of Codes:
TM: Thursday morning TA: Thursday afternoon FM: Friday morning
FA: Friday Afternoon SM: Saturday morning

TM 1: Thursday Morning 12:00-13:30
Topic: Vulnerable groups
Chair: Roumyana Petrova-Benedict (IOM)


TM 1.1 Title: Participatory HIV intervention research with migrant sex workers: Contribution for better policy and practice. Presenting Author: Dias, Sónia (Portugal)

TM 1.2 Title: Non access to vaccinations among migrant and ethnic minorities’ children: analysis from Doctors of the World International Network Observatory.
Presenting Author: Chauvin, Pierre (France)

TM 1.3 Title: Violence experienced by migrants seen in Doctors of the World free clinics in 2014 & 2015. Presenting Author: Simonnot, Nathalie (France)

TM 1.4 Title: Taking stock of the National Roma Integration Strategy in Spain: Lessons for Health Governance. Presenting Author: García-Ramírez, Manuel (Spain)

TM 1.5 Title: Humanitarian response to face basic health needs of migrants in Calais – France.
Presenting Author: Laurence, Sophie (France)

TM 1.6 Title: Migrant and ethnic minority involvement in healthcare policy and community interventions: a scoping review. Presenting Author: de Freitas, Cláudia (Portugal)

TM 1.7 Title: Interactive development of Roma Community Health Mentor training program, Presenting author: Szilard, Istvan (Hungary)



TM2: Thursday Morning 12:00-13:30
Burden of Disease
Chair: Charles Agyemang (Netherlands)


TM 2.1 Title: Socioeconomic status and health in migrants. Presenting Author: Stanaway, Fiona (Australia)

TM 2.2 Title: Morbidity, self-perceived health and mortality among non-Western immigrants and their descendants in Denmark in a life phase perspective.
Presenting Author: Jervelund, Signe Smith (Denmark)

TM 2.3 Title: A Salutogenic Approach to Migrant Women’s Health – The Protective Effect of Sense of Coherence (SoC) in the Face of Migration and Integration. Presenting Author: Slootjes, Jasmijn (Netherlands)

TM 2.4 Title: Multimorbidity according to immigrant origin, reason for migration and length of stay. A Nationwide register-based study in Norway. Presenting Author: Diaz, Esperanza (Norway)

TM 2.5 Title: Acculturation and health related quality of life. Results from the German National Cohort migrant feasibility study. Presenting Author: Brand, Tilman (Germany)

TM 2.6 Title: Assessing ethnic differences in avoidable mortality in Scotland: The Scottish Health and Ethnicity Linkage Study. Presenting Author: Cezard, Genevieve (United Kingdom)

TM 2.7 Title: Impact of the economic crisis in the incidence of hepatitis B and C in native residents and immigrants from Barcelona. Presenting Author: Quevedo, Manuel Fernández (Spain)



TM 3: Thursday Morning 12:00-13:30
Access to healthcare services
Chair: Marie Nørredam (Denmark)


TM 3.1 Title: Equity in Mental Health Service Provision for African Caribbean, Black African Refugees and Asylum Seekers. Presenting Author: Rabiee, Fatemeh (United Kingdom)

TM 3.2 Title: Return migrants’ access to healthcare in corrupt systems. Presenting Author: Handlos, Line Neerup (Denmark)

TM 3.3 Title: Barriers and facilitators in access to health care services by Polish migrants in Norway. Presenting Author: Czapka, Elzbieta (Norway)

TM 3.4 Title: Migrant inequalities in specialist care utilization with increasing user charges: the case of Tuscany, Italy. Presenting Author: Giannoni, Margherita (Italy)

TM 3.5 Title: Is migration status associated with a reduced chance for using annual dental check-ups in the adult population in Germany? Presenting Author: Erdsiek, Fabian (Germany)

TM 3.6 Title: Immigrants' self-reported affilliation with the regular general practitioner scheme: Survey of an emergency outpatient clinic population in Oslo, Norway.
Presenting Author: Ruud, Sven Eirik (Norway)

TM 3.7 Title: Applying a Community-Based Participatory Research Approach to Improve Asylum-Seekers’ Access to Healthcare in Israel. Presenting Author: Gottlieb, Nora (Israel)



TM 4: Thursday Morning 12:00-13:30
Research methods
Chair: Oliver Razum (Germany)


TM 4.1 Title: Formation of a Public Panel for the Scottish Health and Ethnicity Linkage Study. Presenting Author: Douglas, Anne (United Kingdom)

TM 4.2 Title: First analyses of recording ethnicity at death registration in Scotland.
Presenting Author: Gruer, Laurence (United Kingdom)

TM 4.3 Title: Involving migrants in participatory implementation research: what is the impact?. Presenting Author: MacFarlane, Anne (Ireland)

TM 4.4 Title: Political Institutions and health policies towards migrants: an ecological analysis of 40 Western countries. Presenting Author: Lorant, Vincent (Belgium)

TM 4.5 Title: Understand the acceptability of the migrant population to participate in longitudinal studies. A qualitative approach. Presenting Author: Rovirola, Cristina Hernando (Spain)

TM 4.6 Title: Disability pension in first and second generation of immigrants: the role of age and area of birth. Presenting Author: Di Thiene, Domitilla (Sweden)




TA 1: Thursday Afternoon 14:45-16:15
Capacity Building
Chair: Jeanette Magnus (Norway)


TA 1.1 Title: Medical teachers’ needs to teach diversity-responsive health care to students. Presenting Author: Sorensen, Janne (Denmark) Change of presenting author – update online only

TA 1.2 Title: Immigrant mental health: Training interpreters for cultural consultations (Paris, France - December 2015). Presenting Author: Rostirolla, Daria (France)

TA 1.3 Title: Advancing public health nursing care in a multi ethic population – Critical reflection captures needs for training and assessment. Presenting Author: Dolvik, Stina (Norway)

TA 1.4 Title: Pilot testing of training packages for health professionals in Slovakia as a part of MEM TP project. Presenting Author: Kállayová, Daniela (Slovakia)

TA 1.5 Title: Cross cultural competence training for Psychotherapist in German.
Presenting Author: Mösko, Mike (Germany)

TA 1.6 Title: Trauma and human rights based training and education to improve mental health interventions for refugees and asylum seekers. Presenting Author: Lindert, Jutta (Germany)

TA 1.7 Title: Cultural competence: a challenge for European medical education.
Presenting Author: Sorensen, Janne (Denmark)



TA 2: Thursday Afternoon 14:45-16:15
Determinants of Health
Chair: Anne Reneflot (Norway)


TA 2.1 Title: Ethnic differences in labour market participation and sickness absence among mothers who care for disabled or chronically ill children. Presenting Author: Brekke, Idunn (Norway)

TA 2.2 Title: The mortality pattern of Moluccans: persisting inequalities 65 years after migration towards the Netherlands?. Presenting Author: Bodewes, Adee (Netherlands)

TA 2.3 Title: Mortality and ethnicity: minorities fare better than the White Scottish group in the Scottish Health and Ethnicity Linkage Study. Presenting Author: Bhopal, Raj (United Kingdom)

TA 2.4 Title: Health status of second generations of immigrants: a heritage of inequalities? Presenting Author: González-Rábago, Yolanda (Spain)

TA 2.5 Title: Evolution of life expectancy in good health. Differences between immigrants and natives in Spain in 2009 and 2014. Presenting Author: Pereyra-Zamora, Pamela (Spain)

TA 2.6 Title: A health and health care needs assessment for the Syrian community living in Zeytinburnu district of Istanbul. Presenting Author: Torun, Perihan (Turkey)

TA 2.7 Title: Assessment of Health Status Among Displaced Syrian Agricultural Workers in Turkey. Presenting Author: Varol, Zeynep Sedef (Turkey)



TA 3: Thursday Afternoon 14:45-16:15
Vulnerable groups
Chair: Istvan Szilard (Hungary)


TA 3.1 Title: Access and Utilization of health services by immigrant domestic helpers in Cyprus: the role of the employer. Presenting Author: Kantaris, Marios (Cyprus)



TA 3.4 Title: Hierarchies of suffering. The biopolitics of Eritrean asylum-seeking women’s stratified social rights in Israel. Presenting Author: Gebreyesus, Tsega (United States)

TA 3.5 Title: Indigenous nomadic minorities experience similar levels of health and socio economic inequalities; Evidence from the Canadian Inuit and Irish Travellers.
Presenting Author: Quirke, Brigid (Ireland)

TA 3.6 Title: Personal Well-being of Irregular Migrants in Greece and Turkey.
Presenting Author: Vanore, Michaella (Netherlands)

TA  3.7 Title: Social Determinants and the health status of the Spanish Roma. Presenting author: La Parra, Daniel (Spain)



TA 4: Thursday Afternoon 14:45-16:15
Mental Health
Chair: Lars Lien (Norway)


TA 4.1 Title: Depression and anxiety among immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa in France.
Presenting Author: Pannetier, Julie (France)

TA 4.2 Title: Ethnic Differences in Use of Specialized Mental Health Care among Children and Young People: A National-based Register Study in Norway.
Presenting Author: Abebe, Dawit (Norway)

TA 4.3 Title: Predictors of permanent work disability among adults with common mental disorders: Are there differences between migrants and native Swedes?
Presenting Author: Helgesson, Magnus (Sweden)

TA 4.4 Title: The securitisation of migrant and ethnic minority mental health in the United Kingdom. Presenting Author: Mladovsky, Philipa (United Kingdom)

TA 4.5 Title: Suicide among immigrants in Norway: A registry-based analysis 1995-2009.
Presenting Author: Myklestad, Ingri (Norway)

TA 4.6 Title: Ethnic density and mental health in Stockholm. Presenting Author: Johnson, Charisse (Sweden)



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